Another new cell phone Nokia 6236i for Verizon

A while ago I posted about my discontent with the LG VX9800 (the V) from Verizon.  A651_1 couple months after that near the end of December (I think) I picked up on a new release from Verizon.  The Nokia 6236i.  Verizon didn't really push this phone at all and I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it's because the phone isn't too flashy on paper...  No blue tooth, no data capability etc.  It's only got 10mb of storage and it doesn't have a media card slot.  Well then, why oh why would Sweaty want this phone?

All the Nokias I've had in the past have had great battery life, good reception and were really sturdy.  Well, this phone doesn't disappoint.  I've used this phone for a few months now and I absolutely love it.  The Nokia 6236i is by far the best phone I've every owned.

First and foremost, call quality is great!  Earpiece volume is clear and loud.  The speakerphone is loud and clear as well, it's loud enough to use while I'm driving.  Headset volume is really good too though it is wired.  Reception is every bit as good as the Motorola V710 I had and the battery life is awesome!  I used to get 24 hours on the Motorola and with similar use I get 3-4 day battery life with the Nokia.  The screen is small but really clear and bright.  The buttons are small but for some reason I don't have any problems pushing buttons with my big monkey fingers.  Picture quality with the phone is much better than both the v710 I had and the LGVX6000.  Movies are also pretty decent, I take a lot of those these days with the Nokia.

The very best feature of this phone (which Verizon tries to hide) is that the IR profiles on this phone aren't disabled.  I'm able to sync my outlook calendar, tasks, notes and contacts for FREE.  That's right, Nokia has a free IR sync software you can dowload from their website.  You can also browse the pictures and videos you take with the camera and download them to your computer with the software.  It's not bluetooth, but it's still wireless connectivity and you're not paying Verizon for every byte of data you sync. 

All in all this is a sweet phone.  The functionality is great and the form factor is excellent.  This is the phone I was waiting for.

*image courtesy of Phone Scoop, for more info on this phone check out their site.

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Verizon tricked me... again

Once upon a time, I was quite excited about the LG VX9800.  I researched, drooled and even dreamed about the supposed "neat-o" device from Verizon.  I'm a fool.

I purchased and owned this phone for 3 days.  In my short time of owning this piece I came to realize a few things.  My opinions of the LG VX9800 are as follows:

  • The form factor sucks.  After using three clamshell style phones over the last few years I was unable to adjust to the portly candy bar style phone.
  • The bluetooth on the LG VX9800 sucks.  It's a bit more scratchy than my current Motorola V710.
  • The reception of the LG VX9800 sucks compared to the V710 while using it in the same places. (office, home, commute)
  • The  external screen sucks.  It's too small and dim.
  • The external buttons suck.  They're too small and hard to push.  (I do have big sausage fingers)
  • The data plans at Verizon suck (expensive) which makes the data capabilities of the phone useless.
  • The price sucks.  I paid $250 and used my two year upgrade.

I got my money back and I still have an upgrade to use (thank God) but it was a hassle.  So, please ignore my previous posts about the LG VX9800 being wonderful.  They can be found here and here.

As usual, I've got my sites locked onto something new.  The Motorola RAZR is supposedly launching as of November 28.  I'm hoping for the best.  Info via engadget.

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(more) LG VX-9800 goodness - VX9800

Engadget pointed to the official LG VX-9800 Verizon Wireless press release today. 

It's got the usual blah blah fluff, but we've got some confirmations of included features.  Here's what caught my eye:

  • With Wireless Sync, customers can get new e-mails, calendar, contact and task information sent to their VX9800s as long as the PC is left on.
    Why does my computer have to be left on?  What does this mean?  Can someone shed some light on this "feature"?
  • CMOS camera sensor instead of CCD
    Bummer, was hoping for the nice VX8000 CCD
  • Business Card Reader
    Novel, but neat
  • Bluetooth(R) technology for certain profiles
    • headset, hands-free, and/or dial-up networking profile(s); pair up to 20 Bluetooth-capable devices; send vCard via Bluetooth
      Verizon is obviously being careful here.  This tells a tale of a phone with no OBEX support.

The list goes on and on.  Word is that the phone is available to Business customers September 26th and to the rest of us peons on October 1st.  I can't wait to get my hands on one of these things...


Verizon has a "Coming Soon" page up on their site for the VX9800.  Check it out.

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LG VX-9800 coming to Verizon!

It seems my wildest dreams are coming true...  Verizon is offering a dual screen flip phone with a full qwerty keyboard.  Helllllllooooooo  LG VX-9800 (thanks Phone Scoop)!   Before I post the pictures I stole from Phone Schoop, let's talk about some of the features.

Full QWERTY keyboard, voice command, text to speech, bluetooth (w/ DUN), EV-DO support, speakerphone, 1.3 megapixel camera (cmos), and (keeping fingers crossed) there's a rumor about wireless sync for use as a PIM!

For years I've wanted a phone that has general calendaring features that would sync wirelessly with  Outlook or Exchange.  I don't need a blackberry and I don't WANT a Treo.  So far Verizon has never had anything to fill this space.  If the rumors are true about this offering, I'll be one happy Verizon user.  Now, for the drool fest.  Thanks again for the pics and info Phone Scoop!




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What's Your Dream Mobile Phone?

Russell Beattie answers that question today...  and he even made a mock-up.
I dig the slide design and Nintendo-esque navigation controls (I hate using a stylus) but I'm not a huge fan of the grande external facing screen that would be used for general phone use.  Overall though, I think Russ is on the right track.  Below is my comment on his post:

Good thoughts Russ.  I hope the Wigs are reading your blog!

I was at lunch with some friends today and we were discussing what the "perfect" mobile device would look like. I personally think it would look a lot like this:,,60764,00.html

I dig the traditional candybar look and the flip top functionality, though a slider will do just fine.

Above, Richard Law pointed to the Motorola A630,,66,00.html That looks interesting too. I'd like to get my hands on one.

There seems to be an untapped market in the mobile phone industry. I think the major carriers are covering the sub $100 spectrum pretty well with hipster phones that take pictures and look snazzy. They're also covering (or at least trying to cover) the high end PDA-phone market (usually above $400). What about the guy (like me) who doesn't want a full on PDA phone (Lord knows I HATE MS PPC)? I'd rather have a super capable cell phone/text device... and I still demand traditional cell phone functionality. Too many devices do tons of "stuff" but suck as a phone. For example: any blackberry, XV6600, i730 (or any Samsung PDA/Phone IMHO) Treo 650. Give me (or the guys mentioned above) something in the $200-300 range with a decent screen, qwerty keyboard, simple PIM functionality, bluetooth sync for PIM functionality, bluetooth, POP/IMAP email capability, wi-fi and decent battery life. EV-DO? No thanks. I'm not a traveling salesman... I can find an open wi-fi network if I need to, I'll bring a pringles can!

Posted by Scott

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Moto Q - RAZRBerry

Link: Moto Q announced, BlackBerry competitor - MobileTracker.

That just may be my next phone!  I'm just praying the CDMA version isn't released 12 months after the GSM version...  as usual.

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World's largest mobile phone companies

I got these numbers from Russ Beattie.  Interesting.

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Verizon, can you hear me now?

I just posted about customer service...  Now, how about giving customers what they want?  Verizon is the king of sucking at this premise.  Their phones are LAME and when the new prospect for a phone arrises, BANG, they cripple any cool features.

Verizon is always talking about their "business model" well, I tell you what, they better kick their "business model" in the butt and learn to listen to the consumer base or they'll be sending users (like me) to someone else's "business model".

Verizon on the Junxion - Cingular looks like a major hero on this one
Samsung i730 DUN workarounds - We shouldn't HAVE to use work arounds, features shouldn't be stripped!

In my market Campbell, Ca 95008 Verizon has a number of phones available.  The problem is that they mostly suck.  My V710 is no longer supported by Verizon and is starting to get long in the tooth.  Oh, and I can't even BUY a Nokia phone from Verizon right now.  They're not offered.

In my market, Cingular has a bunch of COOL phones!  I'd take the silver berry, Nokia 6230, Motorola RAZR, or the LG F9100.  The GSM voice service still sucks around here though...  Silicon Valley, can you believe it?  I'm sick of lame phones!  I want something geeky and cool!  I want something that I can sync with bluetooth (like it was meant to) to my outlook calendar and contacts.  I want something that I can upgrade without a hassle...  new every two right?  And I want it NOW!

Hello?  Verizon, can you hear me NOW?

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