TypePad saves the day, like MacGyver

Looks like TypePad has added CAPTCHAs to help with the comment spam problem.  Check it out TypePad's release. 

I don't have the most comment traffic on my site, but I had a ton of problems with comment spam when I had comments wide open.  I resorted to making folks authenticate to comment.  The problem with having to sign in with a username is it's a complete pain.  Personally, if I have to login to leave a comment I just skip it.  Too much hassle.  In this light TypePad has done a really cool thing here with the CAPTCHAs.

Thanks TypePad! 

via Fred Wilson

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TypePad Errors

Why don't we forget this entire post eh?  Sorry TypePad, your excellent and fast customer support folks pointed out exactly why I was having a problem.  Looks like I forgot to close a tag in my template last time I moved things around in the sidebar.  DOH!

The error message reported by the system is:
    Parse error in template 'sidebar': <MTElse> with no
    So you should check your sidebar template to make sure that
    every <MTElse> tag has a corresponding </MTElse> tag.

ARGH!  It seems every 3 or 4 times I try to save/publish a page on one of my blogs TypePad has a problem.  I do not want to send an error message, I want the service which I pay handsomeley for to just work, period.  I've been thinking a bit about a Wordpress and I just might see about putting my own server up when my year is up with TypePad.

I just LOVE that I can't post this message because their system is broken.  Hahaha...  That's just ironic enough to make me chuckle.

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hackoff.com the conclusion



Well my friends, I'm reporting this way late, but Hackoff.com is over.  The initial


posting/reading of the book by Tom Evslin was completed (some time ago actually).  All I can say is BUMMER!  For months now I was used to getting a new episode to read every day of the work week and you know what, I really looked forward to reading that.  Not only did Tom Evslin write a fun and interesting book, but he delivered it in a fun way as well.

If you like to read novels and if you like blogs I'd suggest subscribing to the hackoff feed.  I tell you what, my feed reader is sitting in quiet anticipation of Tom's next blook.

Previous mention of Hackoff.com on sweatyblog.


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So who owns your blog anyway?

Link: Russell Beattie Notebook  No Comments Pushback.

Readers Digest Version:  Russ decides to remove comments from his blog.  Some commenters freak out and decide he is Belzebub.  Russ stands his ground and clarifies that his blog is written by him for him and he can do with it what he pleases.  Don't we all blog for some form of self expression?  Sure we do.  Who doesn't want a personal soap box to the world regardless of how small it might be (sweatyblog).  Perhaps if these outraged souls really want to connect with "similar individuals" they can hang out on myspace.  heh.

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Typepad Bandwidth Overages

A few days ago I received an email from Typepad support about my bandwidth usage.  Apparently I'm about 6,000% of what I'm supposed to be.  *YIKES*  Instead of slapping me with a huge overage charge -- that I'm sure I agreed to in signing up with the service -- the service rep gave me some optionsfor increased bandwidth, some free and some not.  My goodness I love Typepad.  Too bad Verizon doesn't give this type of grace.  :)  View the correspondance below.

BTW - I'll be pulling down the mp3s that I've got posted right now. 

"Hi Scott: This is
Ginevra from Six Apart, and I wanted to take a second to talk with you about bandwidth overages you’ve been having using TypePad.

First off – we’re glad you’re having so much success using our service. Don’t panic - we’re here to work with you to keep your site on TypePad. You’ve been a big supporter of ours, and we want to help. 

Currently, your usage costs us more a month in server fees on our end that you’re spending to use our service. This month, you are 6824.15%over your bandwidth allotment. I don’t know if anyone has ever talked to you about using Coral (http://www.coralcdn.org/ ) for hosting your media files. If you’re not already doing so, that’s an avenue I would suggest. If you can start directing some of the media files elsewhere, this will lessen your bandwidth impact on TypePad significantly. You can take advantage of Coral just by appending .nyud.net:8090 to the file URL. This distribution method is used by larger sites for heavy traffic and will save you a generous amount of bandwidth. So if you are linking to an image named image.gif in your upload folder, the new URL would look like this: http://example.typepad.com.nyud.net:8090/photos/uncategorized/image.gif

You can also use the text box on the Coral home page to convert your file URLs. In the next few months, we’ll be implementing features to let you know that you’ve gone over your bandwidth, and we will start gating those posts at particular levels. Fortunately, we also offer some higher tiers of service.

Premium, which is simply more bandwidth and storage. For $ I can upgrade your account to "Premium" status which will give you 2GB storage and 20GB monthly. Also, we have two Business Class tiers of service, for $ and $ per month per blog. I’ve included some information on the features available with these levels of accounts. Business Class one: 4 GB storage / 40 GB bandwidth per month: $ per blog per month Business Class two: 8 GB storage / 70 GB bandwidth per month: $ per blog per month

We enjoy having you on TypePad, and really want to work with you to maintain both a great level of service, and find a way to help you have the correct usage on our service. If none of these options sound like they will work, we can work out a custom deal for you that would be lower than typical hosting companies for a comparable level of service. Please get in touch with me either via email or the phone number below."

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Google Blog Search... finally

The thing we've all been waiting for has happened!  Sweaty of Sweatyblog has a new post!  And what could bring me out of my month long shell of hiding?  None other than the notorious Google.  While perusing bloglines this morning I saw that Jason Calacanis posted on google blog search and so did John Battelle.

Check the format here:

Initially, it's done what I'd expect it to.  Search blogs.  It's going to take a while for me to form an opinion based on a need for pointed/relevant information.  For now though, I'm happy to have an alternative to Technorati.  As Fred Wilson pointed out, Technorati pretty much sucks.

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Dan Hollings owner of Blog-Zilla paid me a visit

Dan Hollings owner and manager of Blog-zilla commented on a previous post here at Sweatyblog.  Dan says: 

"I only want readers to know, Blog-zilla wears a white hat :-) Spammers, cheats and bottom feeders are NOT welcomed at Blog-zilla.com"

I'm more than willing to give Dan and Blog-zilla some slack...  but I would love to see the fruits of Blog-zilla first hand.  I asked Dan for just that, some urls of blogs that have been created by Blog-zilla.

If you or someone you know USES Blog-zilla, pipe up!  Let me know, I'd love to pick your brain.  An evil-free testimonial to the wonders of Blog-zilla would go a long way to legitimize Dan's application.

Link: sweaty blog: More on blog plagiarism.

I noticed that software owned and managed by me (Blog-zilla) was mentioned on your blog ( sweatyblog.com ). I'll take the opportunity to clear up some erroneous statements based on rumors and misinformation.

I appreciate your interest and concern over Blog-zilla, however, I might recommend anyone interested, review the description of Blog-zilla again (http://blog-zilla.com) and note the ANTI-SPAM notice "Spammers Beware" clearly published on the site.

In addition, please review our strict ANTI-DUPLICATION, ANTI-SCRAPE, ANTI-CONTENT STEALING policy. Blog-zilla is NOT a spam or thieving tool. Blog-zilla has ZERO cabability to "harvesting content from various sites"... that is absolutely the OPOSITE of Blog-zilla's phylosopy (and capability). Blog-zilla also can NOT be used to create wastelands of blog-farms. Blog-zilla can add an RSS feed to original content to enhance that content, but Blog-zill users can NOT post RSS only as a substitute for original content. There are systems out there that do all this "evil" stuff. Blog-zilla is not one of them.

Perhaps some people are jumping to incorrect conclusions without thoroughly understanding or perhaps some erroneous rumors are being posted here and there. No problem, I'll try to clear up all misconceptions here...

All Blog-zilla users go through a qualification survey to eliminate potential spammers. Blog-zilla takes only original content and personalizes that original content for target audiences. Much like a quality email management system personalizes each email to its targeted reader. Blog-zilla hates spammers. All users are also taught how to use the system for honest high quality content purposes. System abusers will be terminated if discovered abusing Blogizilla's capabilities. For those wondering how I know this, I'm Dan Hollings the creator and owner http://danhollings.com

I invite anyone interested in Blog-zilla's policy and philosophy to read the Blog-zilla license agreement and rules.


Every user is screened, spammers are eliminated, and Blog-zilla users are taught proper blogging concepts. Original and authorized content only.

A few highlights of the Blog-zilla user policy:

*** You may not use Blog-zilla in any manner which jeopardizes it's functionality or reflects negatively upon it's reputation as a legitimate multi-blogging tool for ORIGINAL or AUTHORIZED content. If someone else holds the content copyright, do not use Blog-zilla to post or manipulate that content without permission.

*** Blog-zilla is not a content scraper, content duplicator, or content stealing system. If any attempt to use Blog-zilla as such is detected, you're history.

*** Blog-zilla may be used in conjunction with contextual ads (like Adsense), paid ads, banners, affiliate programs and other e-commerce endeavors, but only if you follow strictly the policies of the ad or affiliate provider.

*** Blog-zilla can be used to post RSS feeds to multiple blogs, but if you are not also posting other quality content, your account can be terminated.

If you would like to look at the quality of content Blog-zilla is capable of posting, go to:

100 Blogs by Blog-zilla Multi-blogger Dan Hollings
These are quality articles written to sincerely help their target audience:

TagCloud of 100 Blogs
Here we have a TagCloud summary of all 100 Blogs:

More additional about Blog-zilla:

Blog-zilla in the news:

Blog-zilla has a long waiting list currently and screening of subscribers has started. Screen consists of an indepth survey on what the potential subscriber plans to use Blog-zilla for and where their content is from. Next, if accepted, each subscriber goes into a trial period (cost is $1) and while users evaluate Blog-zilla, Blog-zilla evaluates the subscriber by monitoring their posts and observing their participation in weekly conference call training classes. The classes are key so as to teach people how to use Blog-zilla constructively and how be "good internet citizens" that is, how to give true value and quality targeted content to your audience.

Sorry for such a long post. I only want readers to know, Blog-zilla wears a white hat :-) Spammers, cheats and bottom feeders are NOT welcomed at Blog-zilla.com


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DNS, TypePad and sweatyblog.com

When I moved my blog from blogger to TypePad I switched from using my full proper name to using my nick name in the url of my blog.  Currently, my blog resides at sweaty.blogs.com.  I of course started calling my blog "Sweaty Blog."  So because I am a complete geek I thought, "Hey, I should own sweatyblog.com!"  Now, when I first signed up with TypePad I looked into domain mapping, which is really cool...  at first glance. 

If you own a domain and if you have the capability for custom DNS (cname, mx, a, dname etc.) then you can theoretically point your domain at your TypePad blog and instead of all of your internal links (permalink, archives etc.) looking like http://sweaty.blogs.com/archive/whatever.htm, they'll look like http://www.sweatyblog.com/archive/whatever.htm.  Great!  If you enter: www.sweatyblog.com or sweaty.blogs.com in a browser you get the same thing...  my blog!  Well, what if you navigate to:  sweatyblog.com (notice there's no www) oh, well...  that won't work.  The Domain Mapping instructions at TypePad tell you to point that back to your registrar (in this case pairNIC).  So, with TypePad's recommended DNS settings www.sweatyblog.com will do exactly what I want it to with domain mapping, sweatyblog.com won't.

All that to say I'm on a wild goose chase to figure out what I can accomplish with pairNIC's very sketchy DNS management tools.  To compound the issue, those of us that have dealt with DNS before know that everything with DNS takes time.  I'm a wee bit frustrated, but I know I'll get around this somehow...  I'm playing with DNAME entries now.  We'll see what I can accomplish.  By the way, I use register.com for all of my other domains, I figured I'd give pairNIC a try since TypePad recommends them so highly.

If you have a work around I'd love to know about it...

www.leaveitbehind.com - Brian Bailey
leaveitbehind.com - Brian Bailey
*looks like Brian Bailey has the right idea here!

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TypePad and RSS feeds

Today  I came across TagCloud, a folksonomy tool.  I think it'd be fun to put a small tag cloud on my blog that dynamically aggregates all keywords and tags from the entire history of my blog and displays the top 10 or so most popular keywords/tags.  Now, TagCloud should do that for me, all I have to do is point an rss feed at TagCloud and change the template of my blog, the problem is, the feed my blog syndicates is not the etire archive of my blog.  If I can't have a TagCloud representation of the entire SweatyBlog, I don't want one at all.

So, who can tell me how to create a new rss feed of the entire history of my TypePad blog?  Any and all help is much appreciated!  Thanks.

update:  it's ALMOST working...  sweatyblog.com

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Google adsense and Kanoodle

On July 6th I decided to jump into the fray and play with Google adSense.  Just about every blog I visit has Google adsense links so I figured why not.  The same day I noticed that TypePad was now offering text ads by Kanoodle.  In my infinite wisdom I thought "Hey, a comparison is in order!"  So, over the next few weeks I'll be posting usage statistics from TypePad, Kanoodle ads, and Google adsense.

Current Typepad stats:

Total number of page views: 502
Average per day: 10.91
Today: 30
In the last hour: 9
This week: 121

Current Kanoodle ad stats:
Clicks: 1
Impressions: 41
Total Earnings: $ 0.32

Current Google Adsense stats:
Clicks: 3
Impressions: 161
Total Earnings: $0.00


As you can see, I'm raking in the dough AND I'm creating quite a stir in the blogosphere.  All sarcasm aside...  Kanoodle is outperforming Adsense.  Since May 27th I've made ZERO dollars with google and since July 1 I've made 32 cents with Kanoodle/TypePad.  This of course is with the exact same blog/traffic/etc.

I also feel I should mention that I think the Kanoodle ads are more visually appealing than the google ads.  Perhaps I should get adbrite into the mix and have some real fun...  although, I'm sure I'm already breaking some sort of terms of use that I hastily agreed to.  *shrug* Onward and upward for the good of the world!

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