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Yahoo Maps

I've been trying to break my use of Google stuff for a while now, why?  Because I really like Yahoo.  I've gotten out of the habit of using Google search and Google news, but I still always use Google Maps.  On Saturday I used Yahoo Maps and to my surprise, they did NOT have satellite images yet.  I was bummed.  Though I like the Yahoo interface a bit better than the Google one, 'ol Yahoo was letting me down.  Reluctantly I went on to Google maps and wondered, "When oh when will Yahoo join the party and get their satellite imaging online?"

That day seems to be today (or yesterday or something).  Russell Beattie posted about his joy in checking out his high school FROM SPACE.  Well sweet, how does it compare to the offering from Google?  I peeped my neighborhood in Campbell to see who the victor was:

From Yahoo Maps:

From Google Maps:

Ummm, well from a satellite imaging perspective I think the big G wins this one.  Y!'s satellite images of my neighborhood kind of suck.

For now it seems I'll still be using Google Maps, Google Talk (only for work IM), and Google SMS.

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4INFO (shortcode 44636) has a similar mobile search text message offering, but provides several additional services that Google does not: text alerts (sports, weather, stocks), fantasy stats ("kobe bryant" "jaromir jagr"), flight times ("swa san jose san diego") and a beta version of mobile download search. All these services can be accessed via SMS (44636), WAP at http://wap.4INFO.net , or at http://www.4INFO.net.

Why 4INFO instead of Google?
“When asked recently for the address of a trendy downtown Manhattan club called Butter, both 4INFO and Yahoo! located it on the first try. But Google sent back results better suited to baking.”
- Wendy Widman, Forbes.com

Posted by: Bob Roth | Apr 19, 2006 1:58:39 PM

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