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TypePad saves the day, like MacGyver

Looks like TypePad has added CAPTCHAs to help with the comment spam problem.  Check it out TypePad's release. 

I don't have the most comment traffic on my site, but I had a ton of problems with comment spam when I had comments wide open.  I resorted to making folks authenticate to comment.  The problem with having to sign in with a username is it's a complete pain.  Personally, if I have to login to leave a comment I just skip it.  Too much hassle.  In this light TypePad has done a really cool thing here with the CAPTCHAs.

Thanks TypePad! 

via Fred Wilson

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TypePad Errors

Why don't we forget this entire post eh?  Sorry TypePad, your excellent and fast customer support folks pointed out exactly why I was having a problem.  Looks like I forgot to close a tag in my template last time I moved things around in the sidebar.  DOH!

The error message reported by the system is:
    Parse error in template 'sidebar': <MTElse> with no
    So you should check your sidebar template to make sure that
    every <MTElse> tag has a corresponding </MTElse> tag.

ARGH!  It seems every 3 or 4 times I try to save/publish a page on one of my blogs TypePad has a problem.  I do not want to send an error message, I want the service which I pay handsomeley for to just work, period.  I've been thinking a bit about a Wordpress and I just might see about putting my own server up when my year is up with TypePad.

I just LOVE that I can't post this message because their system is broken.  Hahaha...  That's just ironic enough to make me chuckle.

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Yahoo Maps

I've been trying to break my use of Google stuff for a while now, why?  Because I really like Yahoo.  I've gotten out of the habit of using Google search and Google news, but I still always use Google Maps.  On Saturday I used Yahoo Maps and to my surprise, they did NOT have satellite images yet.  I was bummed.  Though I like the Yahoo interface a bit better than the Google one, 'ol Yahoo was letting me down.  Reluctantly I went on to Google maps and wondered, "When oh when will Yahoo join the party and get their satellite imaging online?"

That day seems to be today (or yesterday or something).  Russell Beattie posted about his joy in checking out his high school FROM SPACE.  Well sweet, how does it compare to the offering from Google?  I peeped my neighborhood in Campbell to see who the victor was:

From Yahoo Maps:

From Google Maps:

Ummm, well from a satellite imaging perspective I think the big G wins this one.  Y!'s satellite images of my neighborhood kind of suck.

For now it seems I'll still be using Google Maps, Google Talk (only for work IM), and Google SMS.

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