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Another new cell phone Nokia 6236i for Verizon

A while ago I posted about my discontent with the LG VX9800 (the V) from Verizon.  A651_1 couple months after that near the end of December (I think) I picked up on a new release from Verizon.  The Nokia 6236i.  Verizon didn't really push this phone at all and I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it's because the phone isn't too flashy on paper...  No blue tooth, no data capability etc.  It's only got 10mb of storage and it doesn't have a media card slot.  Well then, why oh why would Sweaty want this phone?

All the Nokias I've had in the past have had great battery life, good reception and were really sturdy.  Well, this phone doesn't disappoint.  I've used this phone for a few months now and I absolutely love it.  The Nokia 6236i is by far the best phone I've every owned.

First and foremost, call quality is great!  Earpiece volume is clear and loud.  The speakerphone is loud and clear as well, it's loud enough to use while I'm driving.  Headset volume is really good too though it is wired.  Reception is every bit as good as the Motorola V710 I had and the battery life is awesome!  I used to get 24 hours on the Motorola and with similar use I get 3-4 day battery life with the Nokia.  The screen is small but really clear and bright.  The buttons are small but for some reason I don't have any problems pushing buttons with my big monkey fingers.  Picture quality with the phone is much better than both the v710 I had and the LGVX6000.  Movies are also pretty decent, I take a lot of those these days with the Nokia.

The very best feature of this phone (which Verizon tries to hide) is that the IR profiles on this phone aren't disabled.  I'm able to sync my outlook calendar, tasks, notes and contacts for FREE.  That's right, Nokia has a free IR sync software you can dowload from their website.  You can also browse the pictures and videos you take with the camera and download them to your computer with the software.  It's not bluetooth, but it's still wireless connectivity and you're not paying Verizon for every byte of data you sync. 

All in all this is a sweet phone.  The functionality is great and the form factor is excellent.  This is the phone I was waiting for.

*image courtesy of Phone Scoop, for more info on this phone check out their site.

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hackoff.com the conclusion



Well my friends, I'm reporting this way late, but Hackoff.com is over.  The initial


posting/reading of the book by Tom Evslin was completed (some time ago actually).  All I can say is BUMMER!  For months now I was used to getting a new episode to read every day of the work week and you know what, I really looked forward to reading that.  Not only did Tom Evslin write a fun and interesting book, but he delivered it in a fun way as well.

If you like to read novels and if you like blogs I'd suggest subscribing to the hackoff feed.  I tell you what, my feed reader is sitting in quiet anticipation of Tom's next blook.

Previous mention of Hackoff.com on sweatyblog.


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Myspace on the cuts

Fred Wilson thinks myspace might be on the outs with the hip kid crowd...

My goodness, I hope he's right. 

Remember when everyone had a GeoCities homepage?  The junk that came from that was  just terrible.  Midi music on homepages, gigantic background images for entire pages, blinking flashing and scrolling text.  Ugh.  Myspace is the next evolution of that.  Not to mention that man, myspace just seems like a meat market for teens.

Check the comments section of Fred's post, there's a pretty decent conversation going on there.

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