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Typepad Bandwidth Overages

A few days ago I received an email from Typepad support about my bandwidth usage.  Apparently I'm about 6,000% of what I'm supposed to be.  *YIKES*  Instead of slapping me with a huge overage charge -- that I'm sure I agreed to in signing up with the service -- the service rep gave me some optionsfor increased bandwidth, some free and some not.  My goodness I love Typepad.  Too bad Verizon doesn't give this type of grace.  :)  View the correspondance below.

BTW - I'll be pulling down the mp3s that I've got posted right now. 

"Hi Scott: This is
Ginevra from Six Apart, and I wanted to take a second to talk with you about bandwidth overages you’ve been having using TypePad.

First off – we’re glad you’re having so much success using our service. Don’t panic - we’re here to work with you to keep your site on TypePad. You’ve been a big supporter of ours, and we want to help. 

Currently, your usage costs us more a month in server fees on our end that you’re spending to use our service. This month, you are 6824.15%over your bandwidth allotment. I don’t know if anyone has ever talked to you about using Coral (http://www.coralcdn.org/ ) for hosting your media files. If you’re not already doing so, that’s an avenue I would suggest. If you can start directing some of the media files elsewhere, this will lessen your bandwidth impact on TypePad significantly. You can take advantage of Coral just by appending .nyud.net:8090 to the file URL. This distribution method is used by larger sites for heavy traffic and will save you a generous amount of bandwidth. So if you are linking to an image named image.gif in your upload folder, the new URL would look like this: http://example.typepad.com.nyud.net:8090/photos/uncategorized/image.gif

You can also use the text box on the Coral home page to convert your file URLs. In the next few months, we’ll be implementing features to let you know that you’ve gone over your bandwidth, and we will start gating those posts at particular levels. Fortunately, we also offer some higher tiers of service.

Premium, which is simply more bandwidth and storage. For $ I can upgrade your account to "Premium" status which will give you 2GB storage and 20GB monthly. Also, we have two Business Class tiers of service, for $ and $ per month per blog. I’ve included some information on the features available with these levels of accounts. Business Class one: 4 GB storage / 40 GB bandwidth per month: $ per blog per month Business Class two: 8 GB storage / 70 GB bandwidth per month: $ per blog per month

We enjoy having you on TypePad, and really want to work with you to maintain both a great level of service, and find a way to help you have the correct usage on our service. If none of these options sound like they will work, we can work out a custom deal for you that would be lower than typical hosting companies for a comparable level of service. Please get in touch with me either via email or the phone number below."

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I'm thinking of setting up a blog with typepad. They seem to have a watertight hosted package...but!
Their online info seems vague regarding hitting bandwidth limits. Do they offer extra GB's of bandwidth if your blog was to get very popular? I really wish they'd clarify this common question on their site.
Can someone give me any links or info on this. Thanks Sweaty

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