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Verizon tricked me... again

Once upon a time, I was quite excited about the LG VX9800.  I researched, drooled and even dreamed about the supposed "neat-o" device from Verizon.  I'm a fool.

I purchased and owned this phone for 3 days.  In my short time of owning this piece I came to realize a few things.  My opinions of the LG VX9800 are as follows:

  • The form factor sucks.  After using three clamshell style phones over the last few years I was unable to adjust to the portly candy bar style phone.
  • The bluetooth on the LG VX9800 sucks.  It's a bit more scratchy than my current Motorola V710.
  • The reception of the LG VX9800 sucks compared to the V710 while using it in the same places. (office, home, commute)
  • The  external screen sucks.  It's too small and dim.
  • The external buttons suck.  They're too small and hard to push.  (I do have big sausage fingers)
  • The data plans at Verizon suck (expensive) which makes the data capabilities of the phone useless.
  • The price sucks.  I paid $250 and used my two year upgrade.

I got my money back and I still have an upgrade to use (thank God) but it was a hassle.  So, please ignore my previous posts about the LG VX9800 being wonderful.  They can be found here and here.

As usual, I've got my sites locked onto something new.  The Motorola RAZR is supposedly launching as of November 28.  I'm hoping for the best.  Info via engadget.

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This is quite an interesting review of LG VX9800 which had joined hands with Verizon. Thanks for these details. Those who wanted to got for it would become warned.

Posted by: Cell Phones | Jun 5, 2009 6:08:37 AM

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