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LG VX-9800 coming to Verizon!

It seems my wildest dreams are coming true...  Verizon is offering a dual screen flip phone with a full qwerty keyboard.  Helllllllooooooo  LG VX-9800 (thanks Phone Scoop)!   Before I post the pictures I stole from Phone Schoop, let's talk about some of the features.

Full QWERTY keyboard, voice command, text to speech, bluetooth (w/ DUN), EV-DO support, speakerphone, 1.3 megapixel camera (cmos), and (keeping fingers crossed) there's a rumor about wireless sync for use as a PIM!

For years I've wanted a phone that has general calendaring features that would sync wirelessly with  Outlook or Exchange.  I don't need a blackberry and I don't WANT a Treo.  So far Verizon has never had anything to fill this space.  If the rumors are true about this offering, I'll be one happy Verizon user.  Now, for the drool fest.  Thanks again for the pics and info Phone Scoop!




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This is a pretty amazing looking gadget. Do you think that it is going to be a practical device that will be user friendly?
I also wonder about the quality of video that this will take...
It does have bluetooth and wireless sync so it will be compatable, which will be nice.
I can't wait to see the reaction to this thing.

Posted by: Mike Porcenaluk | Oct 26, 2005 10:40:38 AM

You know, I've been lazy with my blog lately. Here are my thoughts:

I purchased the LG VX-9800 phone and already sent it back. First and foremost, I've used flip phones for the last 3-4 years now and I like the way they feel against my ear/face. The VX-9800 felt like I was holding my TiVo remote up to my ear. Call quality was decent enough, but my Motorola V710 got better reception in my normal talk areas, Campbell and Downtown San Jose. The outside buttons on the LG VX-9800 were just too small for my large fingers, especially the buttons to the side of the directional pad. Funny enough, I found using the QWERTY keyboard to be cumbersome and slow for me. I've become so used to using predicative text that I just couldn't adjust to the mini keyboard. After I really got a full picture of Wireless Sync through research, I decided that the "feature" wasn't worth paying extra for a data plan every month. Wireless Sync is a neat gizmo, but it's not robust enough for my needs and it's quirky. The bluetooth connection to my Motorola headset with the vx-9800 wasn't that great. It was more scratchy than my v710 and people complained about the call quality. This all together with the fact that purchasing the phone signed me up for another 2 years with Verizon left me unsatisfied. I'll keep waiting for the CDMA RAZR to come out.

A few positive things about the LG VX-9800. The inside screen is amazing, it's large and super clear. The camera on the VX-9800 is the best I've ever experienced on a phone. The VX-9800 is a bit smaller than it appears from pictures. The MP3 capability was pretty cool. I don't think the voice control is quite as good as that of my Motorola, but it was still pretty decent.

Posted by: Scott | Oct 26, 2005 11:11:30 AM

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