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Inching closer to Web OS...

Today, Michael Parekh posted on The Merits of Unlimited Stuff Storage Online.  His focus surrounds a single experience (negative) with Yahoo! in which he reached capacity on his Yahoo! Contacts Book.  Yes, there is ACTUALLY a finite capacity...  I had no idea.  Now, either Michael is bragging about his enormous amount of friends (5,000) or he is using this experience to springboard into a topic about the need for web storage.  I assume the latter is true.  8*)

Michael points out that many people (me included) use Yahoo as a focal point for organization: contacts, calendar, email, notes, photos, bookmarks, etc.  So, with the current trend of huge storage capacity for web mail, and the apparent need users have for accessable web storage...  why aren't the big boys responding with web-drive solutions?  Some users are finding ways to exploit huge webmail capacities, but we shouldn't have to HACK our way to a solution.

I've posted before about my desire for a large capacity web drive...  and I'll say it again:  I want between 5 and 10 gigs of accessable web drive space!

SweatyyahooI do subscribe to Yahoo! Mail Plus which gives me a lot of cool stuff, but mainly 2 gigs of storage, no advertisements on web or in emails, POP access, and some sweet SPAM guard tools.  I pay $19.99/year for that service.  I think it's a good deal, personally.  Now, Flickr (owned by Yahoo) gives it's Pro users UNLIMITED bandwidth and storage for $24.99/year!  The only gotcha is 2gb upload limit per month.  *shrug* that's cool with me.  Now, why can't I have that same deal for a web-drive?  I mean, data storage is data storage right?

Bottom line, Michael shouldn't have to worry about contact storage capacity or calendar capacity (stupid exchange does this), data storage and web application use should be seamless.

Web-drive solutions will become consumer expectations as we continue to move toward a Web OS culture, the question is, who's going to take us there first?

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good point on the growing need for web drive space. It's currently a fairly fragmented market with an array of relative small players.

The big boys are starting to pay attention...you may have noticed that AOL announced it's acquisition of XDrive, one of the oldest participants in the space.

So hopefully the trend will continue.

By the way, was not bragging at all on the number of friends. :)

It's merely a collection of a host of business contacts over 20 years.

It's suprising how fast all those business cards add up.

Posted by: Michael Parekh | Aug 8, 2005 1:36:45 PM

I noticed that move... Xdrive has been around a long time. I used them for a while when the service was free. Now, 5gigs for $9.95/month? A little steep... http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2005Aug/gee20050808031738.htm

Re: bragging rights: I'm joking of course... :) Although, that could be misinterpreted by someone. If you like, I'm happy to edit.

Posted by: Scott | Aug 8, 2005 2:06:09 PM

Hello all, I have pretty much exhausted all my avenues Yahoo included to find the solution to this. Thank you for being so helpful to me.

Posted by: Joe Mason | Dec 1, 2011 5:24:16 AM

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