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What's Your Dream Mobile Phone?

Russell Beattie answers that question today...  and he even made a mock-up.
I dig the slide design and Nintendo-esque navigation controls (I hate using a stylus) but I'm not a huge fan of the grande external facing screen that would be used for general phone use.  Overall though, I think Russ is on the right track.  Below is my comment on his post:

Good thoughts Russ.  I hope the Wigs are reading your blog!

I was at lunch with some friends today and we were discussing what the "perfect" mobile device would look like. I personally think it would look a lot like this: http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,,60764,00.html

I dig the traditional candybar look and the flip top functionality, though a slider will do just fine.

Above, Richard Law pointed to the Motorola A630 http://www.motorola.com/motoinfo/product/images/0,,66,00.html That looks interesting too. I'd like to get my hands on one.

There seems to be an untapped market in the mobile phone industry. I think the major carriers are covering the sub $100 spectrum pretty well with hipster phones that take pictures and look snazzy. They're also covering (or at least trying to cover) the high end PDA-phone market (usually above $400). What about the guy (like me) who doesn't want a full on PDA phone (Lord knows I HATE MS PPC)? I'd rather have a super capable cell phone/text device... and I still demand traditional cell phone functionality. Too many devices do tons of "stuff" but suck as a phone. For example: any blackberry, XV6600, i730 (or any Samsung PDA/Phone IMHO) Treo 650. Give me (or the guys mentioned above) something in the $200-300 range with a decent screen, qwerty keyboard, simple PIM functionality, bluetooth sync for PIM functionality, bluetooth, POP/IMAP email capability, wi-fi and decent battery life. EV-DO? No thanks. I'm not a traveling salesman... I can find an open wi-fi network if I need to, I'll bring a pringles can!

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