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Relevant content

Frew Wilson wrote a post called "Tracking is Good," you should read it.

Fred talks about user tracking for the purposes of relevant marketing... t.v. commercials, radio commercials, text ads, search marketing etc.  and why he doesn't mind statistical user profiling for content optimization purposes.  You know what?  I agree with him 100 percent. 

A few years ago I went to a search convention in San Francisco and heard a talk from some of the wigs at Google on the future of contextual and relevant marketing.  Some of the other exhibitors were talking about contextual marketing too...  Overture and Kanoodle.  I remember being completely blown away by the premise and thinking "Wow, this is the FUTURE!"  Well, here we are, the future.  Day in and day out we're bombarded by text and picture ads on web sites and blogs relevant to the surrounding content.  You know, until I read Fred's post i didn't realize that i actually appreciate the relevancy of the ads that are displayed to me every day online.  I LIKE seeing ads based on my search queries.  I don't like seeing ads for things that are completely uninteresting to me...  like women's clothing or enhance your *ahem* well, you know what I mean.  Like Fred, when I watch tv (via tivo) I generally skip over all the commercials unless I spot a t.v. ad that sparks my interest, if that happens many times I'll rewind and watch the commercial.  Now, TiVo just announced a new interactive advertising technology a week or two ago, here are some of the features:

  • Enabling advertisers to insert a customized call to action or branded "tag" in their commercial, replacing the generic ad tags previously used by TiVo's advertising clients;
  • Ensuring advertisers' traditional TV spots will be more visible in TiVo homes, whether viewed in normal play or fast forward mode;
  • Enhance the TiVo customer's experience by allowing them to select the tag and "telescope" from the traditional 30-second ad while pausing their program to view long-form content, requests for information, or recording opportunities which will enhance the viewing experience;
  • Providing advertisers with the ability to receive leads directly from their TV spots, with the viewer's consent, so advertisers can track leads to conversion and ensure a qualified return on investment;
  • Additional data for advertisers to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of TiVo's proprietary tagging feature, the strength of their creative executions, and the efficacy of their television media buying strategy.

Everything is moving the way of contextual advertising it seems.  Google, Yahoo, Kanoodle and Adbrite are getting the best of the contextual advertising online and TiVo is obviously pioneering the way for similar technology in other mediums.  I'm excited to see what sort of new technologies emerge in the way of contextual marketing... or perhaps what technologies contextual marketing breaks into.  SMS advertising for new purchases on your iTunes phone?  Time will tell...

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