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Keyword Advertising for Churches

ChurchMarketingSucks posted about the use of Keyword Advertising for Churches today.  They posted some good online and visitor statistics that proved this can work!

I have often wondered if this would work at my church...  after all, Calvary Church is located in Silicon Valley.  You'd think this type of thing might prove successful.  I mean, if it's working in DENVER, it should work in San Jose/Los Gatos.

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I've been experimenting with it for awhile and I've started to see some good response to the ads. I haven't seen any actually come yet, but it's still early in the experiment! :)

If you ever want to go grab a coffee sometime let me know. I'm into marketing (http://www.RecessionSolution.com) and God too!

Posted by: scott aughtmon | Jul 17, 2005 7:56:58 PM

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