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What's Your Dream Mobile Phone?

Russell Beattie answers that question today...  and he even made a mock-up.
I dig the slide design and Nintendo-esque navigation controls (I hate using a stylus) but I'm not a huge fan of the grande external facing screen that would be used for general phone use.  Overall though, I think Russ is on the right track.  Below is my comment on his post:

Good thoughts Russ.  I hope the Wigs are reading your blog!

I was at lunch with some friends today and we were discussing what the "perfect" mobile device would look like. I personally think it would look a lot like this: http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,,60764,00.html

I dig the traditional candybar look and the flip top functionality, though a slider will do just fine.

Above, Richard Law pointed to the Motorola A630 http://www.motorola.com/motoinfo/product/images/0,,66,00.html That looks interesting too. I'd like to get my hands on one.

There seems to be an untapped market in the mobile phone industry. I think the major carriers are covering the sub $100 spectrum pretty well with hipster phones that take pictures and look snazzy. They're also covering (or at least trying to cover) the high end PDA-phone market (usually above $400). What about the guy (like me) who doesn't want a full on PDA phone (Lord knows I HATE MS PPC)? I'd rather have a super capable cell phone/text device... and I still demand traditional cell phone functionality. Too many devices do tons of "stuff" but suck as a phone. For example: any blackberry, XV6600, i730 (or any Samsung PDA/Phone IMHO) Treo 650. Give me (or the guys mentioned above) something in the $200-300 range with a decent screen, qwerty keyboard, simple PIM functionality, bluetooth sync for PIM functionality, bluetooth, POP/IMAP email capability, wi-fi and decent battery life. EV-DO? No thanks. I'm not a traveling salesman... I can find an open wi-fi network if I need to, I'll bring a pringles can!

Posted by Scott
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Relevant content

Frew Wilson wrote a post called "Tracking is Good," you should read it.

Fred talks about user tracking for the purposes of relevant marketing... t.v. commercials, radio commercials, text ads, search marketing etc.  and why he doesn't mind statistical user profiling for content optimization purposes.  You know what?  I agree with him 100 percent. 

A few years ago I went to a search convention in San Francisco and heard a talk from some of the wigs at Google on the future of contextual and relevant marketing.  Some of the other exhibitors were talking about contextual marketing too...  Overture and Kanoodle.  I remember being completely blown away by the premise and thinking "Wow, this is the FUTURE!"  Well, here we are, the future.  Day in and day out we're bombarded by text and picture ads on web sites and blogs relevant to the surrounding content.  You know, until I read Fred's post i didn't realize that i actually appreciate the relevancy of the ads that are displayed to me every day online.  I LIKE seeing ads based on my search queries.  I don't like seeing ads for things that are completely uninteresting to me...  like women's clothing or enhance your *ahem* well, you know what I mean.  Like Fred, when I watch tv (via tivo) I generally skip over all the commercials unless I spot a t.v. ad that sparks my interest, if that happens many times I'll rewind and watch the commercial.  Now, TiVo just announced a new interactive advertising technology a week or two ago, here are some of the features:

  • Enabling advertisers to insert a customized call to action or branded "tag" in their commercial, replacing the generic ad tags previously used by TiVo's advertising clients;
  • Ensuring advertisers' traditional TV spots will be more visible in TiVo homes, whether viewed in normal play or fast forward mode;
  • Enhance the TiVo customer's experience by allowing them to select the tag and "telescope" from the traditional 30-second ad while pausing their program to view long-form content, requests for information, or recording opportunities which will enhance the viewing experience;
  • Providing advertisers with the ability to receive leads directly from their TV spots, with the viewer's consent, so advertisers can track leads to conversion and ensure a qualified return on investment;
  • Additional data for advertisers to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of TiVo's proprietary tagging feature, the strength of their creative executions, and the efficacy of their television media buying strategy.

Everything is moving the way of contextual advertising it seems.  Google, Yahoo, Kanoodle and Adbrite are getting the best of the contextual advertising online and TiVo is obviously pioneering the way for similar technology in other mediums.  I'm excited to see what sort of new technologies emerge in the way of contextual marketing... or perhaps what technologies contextual marketing breaks into.  SMS advertising for new purchases on your iTunes phone?  Time will tell...

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Computer on a Stick!

Michael parekh posted about something too cool not to mention...  Computers on a Stick.  What is a computer on a stick?

From fingergear.com:

"The Computer-On-a-Stick (COS) is a USB Flash Drive featuring its own Onboard Operating System together with a full suite of Microsoft Office-compatible applications.

The Computer-On-a-Stick also boasts the powerful Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, Evolution email, and Yahoo & MSN compatible Instant Messenger for superior Internet connectivity

Plug the Computer-On-a-Stick into your PC or Laptop and instantly transform your old environment into a new and powerful secure workstation - without a hard disk!

The combination of low cost and a powerful Onboard Operating System opens up a whole new paradigm of computing. Users get all the benefits of a thin client solution without changing their existing PC hardware or software."

So, essentially toss open source software on a flash drive and off you go.  Plug and play computer...  heh.

Michael has ordered one and will report back about it.  I'm not willing to shell out for a test run so I'll have to wait for his report just like you.

This product is a GREAT idea.  I think there is a lot of promise here.  I'd be up for using a product like this with some additional offerings:

  • Web drive - I need between 5 and 10 gigs of secure web storage for documents and media.
  • Streaming data - let me stream media to my "computer on a stick"
  • And let's get crazy for a minute...  Let me access my web drive files with my phone.  That's right... why not?  Everyone has a hi-speed cellular connection now and mp3 functionality is standard on most phones.

Well, I can dream right?  It's a fun premise, I eagerly await Michael's write up.

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2006 BMW 3 Series

Link: 2006 BMW 325i - Automobile Magazine.


This afternoon I glanced outside my building to the parking lot and saw a brand new BMW 330i.  Immediately I ran outside to take a quick peek.  I knew the new 3 series had shipped, but I haven't seen one in person yet.  I was hopeful that the look of the car would be pleasing since photos I've seen from magazines have shown promise.  Up close and personal the new car has a very attractive look.  I'm impressed.  The overall shape is similar to the previous body style, it's just been warmed over.  I believe the most handsome vantage point is a 45 degree angle of the trunk.  From this angle you can see the sexy lines that run up the side of the vehicle to the hood and the wide/squat stance the rear displays. 

From what I could see, the interior is nicely done (as usual.)  What a nice car!  I think this design has an added sense of elegance that the 3 series hasn't displayed before.  It's very classy.

Automobile mag has a decent write up on the new 325i.  They point out the powertrain options on the new platform as well as the available techie goodies... yes, they have bluetooth.

This looks like a nice car, but not for me.  I had an '01 3 series for a couple years...  the platform hasn't changed enough for me to be interested again.  I'm leaning towards a sport wagon right now.  WRX anyone?

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Sweaty on Virtual Earth

MSN Virtual Earth as we all know is Microsoft's answer to google maps.  I'll admint that MS has done some good things, but for my use I'll stick with Google on this one.

Virtual Earth Pros:  Cookies!  Virtual earth cookied me and remembered what I was looking at last time I visited!  Very cool.

To my eye Virtual Earth has some more deatiled/closer pics than Google has.

Virtual Earth Cons:  UI...  YUCK!  Microsoft has NOT figured out what makes for a clean and useful UI.

What's up with the black and white low res pictures?  This link shows the neighborhood where I grew up.  It's in San Jose...  not Mojave.   I'd expect decent coverage for a part of SILICON VALLEY!

Conclusion:  Google maps just seems a little easier to use, faster and cleaner.  Maybe if I decide I need a change of scenery I'll visit Virtual Earth again, but it's not likely.  Personally, I'm a big Yahoo fan.  I'd LOVE to see Yahoo take the best of the two current offerings and release a Google Maps killer!

Update:  Scoble talks about Virtual Earth deleting Apple headquarters...  in otherwords, MS's sattelite images are old and sucky.

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sweaty bloG...OOGLE

Link: sweaty blog-logogle.

At www.logogle.com you can create your own personal google search page with google style text.  Neat-O!

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