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DNS, TypePad and sweatyblog.com

When I moved my blog from blogger to TypePad I switched from using my full proper name to using my nick name in the url of my blog.  Currently, my blog resides at sweaty.blogs.com.  I of course started calling my blog "Sweaty Blog."  So because I am a complete geek I thought, "Hey, I should own sweatyblog.com!"  Now, when I first signed up with TypePad I looked into domain mapping, which is really cool...  at first glance. 

If you own a domain and if you have the capability for custom DNS (cname, mx, a, dname etc.) then you can theoretically point your domain at your TypePad blog and instead of all of your internal links (permalink, archives etc.) looking like http://sweaty.blogs.com/archive/whatever.htm, they'll look like http://www.sweatyblog.com/archive/whatever.htm.  Great!  If you enter: www.sweatyblog.com or sweaty.blogs.com in a browser you get the same thing...  my blog!  Well, what if you navigate to:  sweatyblog.com (notice there's no www) oh, well...  that won't work.  The Domain Mapping instructions at TypePad tell you to point that back to your registrar (in this case pairNIC).  So, with TypePad's recommended DNS settings www.sweatyblog.com will do exactly what I want it to with domain mapping, sweatyblog.com won't.

All that to say I'm on a wild goose chase to figure out what I can accomplish with pairNIC's very sketchy DNS management tools.  To compound the issue, those of us that have dealt with DNS before know that everything with DNS takes time.  I'm a wee bit frustrated, but I know I'll get around this somehow...  I'm playing with DNAME entries now.  We'll see what I can accomplish.  By the way, I use register.com for all of my other domains, I figured I'd give pairNIC a try since TypePad recommends them so highly.

If you have a work around I'd love to know about it...

www.leaveitbehind.com - Brian Bailey
leaveitbehind.com - Brian Bailey
*looks like Brian Bailey has the right idea here!

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