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2006 BMW 3 Series

Link: 2006 BMW 325i - Automobile Magazine.


This afternoon I glanced outside my building to the parking lot and saw a brand new BMW 330i.  Immediately I ran outside to take a quick peek.  I knew the new 3 series had shipped, but I haven't seen one in person yet.  I was hopeful that the look of the car would be pleasing since photos I've seen from magazines have shown promise.  Up close and personal the new car has a very attractive look.  I'm impressed.  The overall shape is similar to the previous body style, it's just been warmed over.  I believe the most handsome vantage point is a 45 degree angle of the trunk.  From this angle you can see the sexy lines that run up the side of the vehicle to the hood and the wide/squat stance the rear displays. 

From what I could see, the interior is nicely done (as usual.)  What a nice car!  I think this design has an added sense of elegance that the 3 series hasn't displayed before.  It's very classy.

Automobile mag has a decent write up on the new 325i.  They point out the powertrain options on the new platform as well as the available techie goodies... yes, they have bluetooth.

This looks like a nice car, but not for me.  I had an '01 3 series for a couple years...  the platform hasn't changed enough for me to be interested again.  I'm leaning towards a sport wagon right now.  WRX anyone?

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