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Robert Scoble is making me love Microsoft

Scoble writes an open letter to the user base of Microsoft products, period.  He's saying that he wants to hear from us, the end users of MS products.  A snippet,

"We need a new kind of conversation to make sure these teams not only do what's right, but do what's best for you as a customer and someone who uses this stuff."

If Scoble is an accurate representation of the leadership over at Microsoft, and if the masses decide to participate in a dialogue with MS, we're going to be seeing a bright future of consumer inspired products from MS.

Personally, I'm willing to spend a few moments of my time every now and again to do my part in raising the corporate eyebrow (so to speak) at Microsoft.  My input should directly effect me in the (immediate and distant) future.  Not a bad deal...

Here's another of my favorite Scoble posts: Scoble fires back, flaunts MS innovation

Oh and I just ate yogurt with a fork.

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Rico - Live Grid - Yahoo Search

No refreshing of the page and all search results are available by scrolling...  Hmmm...  I guess that's neat.  Although, it seems (in my short use of the app) that the excessive use of javascript and huge amounts of results being displayed on one page are making the scrolling function really choppy and slow. Rico - Live Grid - Yahoo Search.

What do you think?

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Freedom Tower - symbolism, but of what?



Michael Parekh posts on an aritcle at the New York times by architectural critic Nicolai Ouroussoff.  (Login required at NY Times, but full article available at above link.)  The observations by Nicolai say the new design of the freedom tower shout our stance on living in a post 9/11 world, "We are afraid."

In response Michael quotes himself from an earlier post with this:  "It's time for us as a people, a country, and a government, to go from being scared and defensive, to being smart and proactive, about ALL our interests."  We need to live up to the name of the Freedom Tower, and start being freer of fear"

I see what Nicolai is saying and I can fully understand the trade-offs associated with an architectural metaphor of greatness/innovation or defensiveness and fear.  I guess my take would parallel Michael's above statement.  To me, "smart" and "proactive" deal with the issues needed in defense and circumvent our root instinct of fear.

The article is a great read albeit lengthy.  Check it out: *michael parekh on IT*: ON FINAL FREEDOM TOWER DESIGN IN NEW YORK

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Sweaty in concert Friday July 1

Hey all, this is just a shameful plug for me.  My buddy Drew and  I are playing an all acoustic show on Friday July 1st at Moonbeans Coffee in San Jose.  We go on at 6:30pm and we'll be playing until 8 or so.  If you miss it *shrug* we'll miss you, BUT...  I'll have an MP3 to post sometime next week.  I'm recording the whole thing.  If you're in the bay area stop by, you won't be disappointed.  Not because of me, but Drew is a phenomenal songwriter and singer.  I'm just eye candy.  :-)  You can check out a rough recording of my last acoustic show here. (40mb)


6221 Santa Teresa Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95119
(408) 281-8128

Map and directions

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Mickael Parekh - Now that's a blog!

Michael Parekh writes one of my new favorite blogs.  I've stumbled on his blog several times while researching cell phone reviews at technorati.  This guy knows A TON.  If you're even remotely interested in Internet Technology or gadgets check him out.

Link: *michael parekh on IT*: ON BLOGLINES FINALLY FASTER?.

As a new user to bloglines I'll have to agree that I've found the service to be slow often times.  I can resonate with Michael's gripe about update speed.  I have seen a small speed increase myself, but I assumed the speed increase was more to do with my proxy server than bloglines enhancements.

My biggest gripe has been the time that an auto-refresh takes while using my bloglines aggregator.  It seems that the site is pinging my xml feeds or something, but when that update happens my browser becomes unusable for 5 - 10 seconds.  A minor annoyance that feeds upon itself to really get my goat.

Is there a Wintel app available or planned for bloglines?  I'd be interested in something like that.  And while I'm at it, does TypePad have a desktop app for updating your blog?  I know livejournal (now owned by TypePad) had several open source update apps, but that was sometime ago.

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Sweaty blog - Fred Wilson - Tags

Fred Wilson talks about music I sent his way and Sweaty Blog.  How did this come about?  Read about it here.

It's so cool that I was able to share music with someone I don't even know.

There are a number of insightful comments on Weezer's music as a result of Fred's recent post about Sweaty Blog

Related links: 

Fred Wilson's Favorite Podcast
Sweaty del.icio.us feed
Jimmy Eat World - Kill
Weezer - Perfect Situation

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video.google.com hacked... already

Link: Globetechnology: Hacker cracks Google software.

Oh this is rich!  Google is positioning itself as the premier provider for Web OS.  You know what they say about being the bigges piece of pizza in the pie.  Everyone wants to eat it.

Does anyone know about a google exploits project/site/blog?  If so, tell me about it!

I'm waiting to hear that Osama is using Google earth for missile targeting. 

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RFID: Tagged, You're It!

Link: Opinion Column by PC Magazine: RFID: Tagged, You're It!.
John Dvorak over at PC World wrote an article on the perceived benefits of RFID technology for the populace.  I thought he was just waxing hostile until I read this:

"...there was a brouhaha over the use of similar RFID tracking devices in a Sutter County, California, school district. A news item in the San Francisco Chronicle had this telling report: 

"Tatro said when her 13-year-old daughter came home from the first day of school in January, when the students began wearing the tags, she had waved the tag in her fist and said, 'Look at this. I'm a grocery item. I'm a piece of meat. I'm an orange.'"

Their daughter was threatened with disciplinary action if she did not participate in the program, according to a letter sent by the district.

Although the board said nothing in response to parental complaints, several attendees defended the system, saying it would keep kids in school, free up more time for teachers to teach, and increase security for pupils and teachers."

I don't have kids, but when I do I can tell you that I will not condone tagging my child like a dog.

I know there are many great uses for RFID...  many that I'll support.  But, I'm not into barcoding people.  No thanks.



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Sweaty's song of the week - Jimmy Eat World - Futures - Kill

Ok world, this is the first official "Sweaty's Song of the Week" series.  This week we're going to listen to "Kill" by Jimmy Eat World.

I haven't been a fan of these guys until recently.  My bro Jack pointed me to them a while ago and what can I say?  The catchy pop-punk-rock sound has pulled me in.  I dig this song, it feels like raw emotion to me.

Jimmy Eat World - Futures - Track - 04 - Kill.mp3 (3578.1K)

Well, you're just across the street
Looks a mile to my feet
I wanna go to you
Funny how I'm nervous still
I've always been the easy kill
I guess I always will

Could it be that everything goes 'round by chance? (chance?)
Or only one way that it was always meant to be (be)
You kill me, you always know the perfect thing to say (hey hey,
hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can't walk away

I can picture your face well
From the bar in my hotel
I wish I'd go to you
I pick up put down the phone
Like your favorite Heatmeiser song goes
It's just like being alone

Oh God, please don't tell me this has been in vain (vain)
I need answers for what all the waiting after means (means)
You kill me, you've got some nerve, but can't face your mistakes
(hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can't turn away

So go on love
Leave while there's still hope for escape
Gotta take what you can these days
There's so much ahead
So much regret
I know what you want to say
(Know what you want to say)
I know people can't help feeling differently
I loved you, and I should have said it
Tell me just what has it ever meant?

I can't help it baby, this is who I am (am)
Sorry, but I can't just go turn off how I feel (feel)
You kill me, you build me up, but just to watch me break (hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can't walk away

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RSS = Really Stinkin' Sweet!

Alright...  I'm officially hooked by the RSS bug.

Over the last month or so my online habits have drastically changed.  Why?  Firefox, that's why.  Allow me to explain my evolution with RSS.

I switched my primary web browser to Firefox months ago...  I'm not some sort of IE hater (like many of you) but after several nasty bouts with spyware, I was ready for some sort of a solution.  Enter Firefox.  At the time I began using Firefox the possible threat of being infected with malware by merely browsing was close to zero with this browser.  I became hooked on the clean interface (LOVE THE TABS) and extensions that Firefox offered.

After about a week of use, I started noticing the orange button in the bottom right corner of the browser when I hit certain sites.  Hmmm...  what's that?  *CLICK*  What's RSS?  Oh my...  my eyes were opened WIDE!  Immediately I started using Firefox to keep track of news sites and blogs that I frequented.  So it began...

Through Firefox I was able to keep track of much more information on a daily basis.  SWEET!  So what next?  I started searching for and subscribing to blogs at break neck speed.  And of course, I decided that it was high time I jumped back in to the blogosphere.  For a couple of years I kept an online journal through livejournal but as my time decreased so did my desire to "blog my day."  I began using Blogger because it was free.

As I spent more time tweaking my blog template, I decided I wanted to add a blogroll to my blog.  How?  Enter Bloglines.  Through Bloglines I began to manage all of the blogs, news sites and podcasts that I'd been previously following in Firefox.  To my amazement Bloglines did an even better job than Firefox!

At this time, I stumbled upon TypePadTypePad is a "Personal Weblogging Service."  What does that mean?  It means, they provide a web app that will build you a blog.  I decided to give them a try.  After all, they offer a free 30 day trial.  After the first couple of days messing with their tools and receiving EXCELLENT feedback from their customer service folks I decided TypePad was for me, for good.  I upgraded to a PRO account in order to have full customization access to my blog templates and more server space.

Since then I've added a custom banner to my blog, a blogroll, a flickr zeitgeist of my photos, an Amazon wishlist and current music list with thumbnails that click through to Amazon.  I can honestly say that my blog is now a decent representation of me.

Moving forward with why RSS = Really Stinkin' Sweet...

Somewhere along this process I started following Fred Wilson's blog.  Fred is a Venture Capitalist in New York.  He's also a big music fan (with great taste.)  Fred started using del.icio.us to tag (or more precisely to let others tag) music for him to listen to.  Essentially, Fred used del.icio.us to create a "New Music" podcast for himself.  How?  Each del.icio.us tag has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to...  With that power, you can be notified of when a new file is tagged for your listening pleasure.  COOL!  If you don't think this is neat, tough...  I do.

Finally, let me talk about Technorati.  Technorati is esentially a search engine for the blogosphere.  This idea in itself is cool.  BUT...  it gets better.  Not only can you search blogs, you can create search RSS feeds with Technorati.  For instance, I am in the market for a new cell phone/wireless device.  So, I created two RSS search feeds in Technorati, one for Verizon Treo 650 and one for Verizon Samsung i730.  Within 24 hours I had learned more useful information about both of those devices than I could possibly ever need...  and the information was available and waiting for me in my bloglines inbox.  I didn't have to wade through google search results, forums or user group postings.  The blogosphere did the work for me, I just had to read.

When I found that I could subscribe to my own search feeds in Technorati I thought "Wow, RSS is really stinkin' sweet."  Don't you think so?

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