Bugzooka - a must have

 I hate bugs, my wife hates them more...  I usually get to smash them, I hate that.  The bugzooka can help make bugs fun!  ALRIGHT!

Link: Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools - Bugzooka.

Oh and Gizmodo pointed me there...

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Independence Day - life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Happy Birthday to The United States of America and Americans.  Today is our day to reflect on our freedom.  Think about what freedom means to you, why is freedom important?  How did we attain our freedom?  Think of those that have paid the ultimate price that we might live in our free nation.  We are free to worship, spend, work, learn, and love.


Fred Wilson also posted on Independence day.  He pointed to "This is my Country" Podcast at Down in the Flood.  I highly recommend listening to this Podcast.  My wife and I did, it's a great way to celebrate America.  From the podcast:

"...for this episode of Down in the Flood, no more teaching, no more preaching, just the sounds of America itself."

American Revolutionary War
The Moral Case for Capitalism by Michael Novak - This is the text of a speech delivered before the Mont Pelerin Society in Sri Lanka on January 11, 2004.   I uploaded this PDF of a wonderful article on a moral argument for capitalism.  Though our economic system has its flaws, I'm blessed to participate in our free economy.   This article stirred some patriotic emotion in me.  If you have a moment, give it a read.

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Saturday musings

I'm sitting in Orchard Valley Coffee Roasting in Campbell attempting to study...  I'm doing ok, but I'm a bit distracted.  I just got my hands on an MP3 of my show from last night and I'm listening to it right now, with severe harsh commentary for myself.  It's true what "they" say about a man being his own worst critic.

Anyway, I've been here about an hour and a half or so and I've seen a couple of really odd/disturbing things.

A guy surfing porn.  Now remember, this is a public place...  This prompted me to search for what his problem is.

A gal who bought a Starbucks drink down the street and came here to lounge.  She's nuggin' the free wi-fi, but has failed to spend one cent here.  I have a big problem with that.  I'm a big supporter of quality mom and pop outfits.   Orchard Valley Coffee Roasting in Campbell obviously has my support.

Update: Starbucks girl bought a banana and orange juice.  She's forgiven.


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