Weekend report

Jill and I spent the weekend in Seattle (Bellevue actually...) for a wedding.  Jill's cousin Lisa got married to Ben.  The wedding was a lot of fun!  Jill and I both had a super time!

Personally, I love Seattle.  I love the weather, the people, the cool history (underground baby!) and the coffee!  I've always been a big Seattle's Best fan, but a couple years ago we stumbled upon Tully's Coffee while in Seattle.  Instantly we were fans.  Note: Jill likes mocha-latte-frappa-cappa-spresso drinks.  I'm a regular drip coffee kinda guy.  Anyway, it's always a treat to be in Seattle, the land of good coffee abundance.

As usual for me, trips usually mean lots of food!  We stumbled on a very decent Mexican food chain while in Seattle, Azteca.  The chips and salsa were great!  The rest of the food was good too!  At our table we had: enchiladas, chicken fajitas, beef tostada, chichen chimichanga, taquitos, rice, beans, tortillas and lots of water.  I tasted most of everything.  The only thing that didn't excite me was the beef tostada.  I'll stop though, I could go on about Mexican food all day.

I took a few pictures with my cell phone over the course of the weekend.  So, without further ado, here is the official SweatyBlog Seattle trip photo story:


I know, I need some photo journalism pointers.  Pic 1 was some random flyer we say outside a Seattle's Best.  Pic 2 shows the (or one of the) roasting/packaging and distribution sites for Tully's coffee.  We stumbled on that while looking for a freeway entrance.  Pic 3 is on 520 west from Bellevue to Seattle.  Supposedly Bill Gates' house is on the water front there.  Perhaps if you squint really hard you can see it.  :-)

We had a good weekend, but it was nice to sleep in our own bed last night.

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Dog Day Roach Coach

Unfortunately, the title of this post isn't as nasty and gross as everyone would have hoped.  I'm referring to two things with the title.

Img_01331) I just found out that Friday is "take you dog to work day" here at Snap-on.  NICE!  I'll be bringing in one of our Chocolate Labs.  Technically Tyler is my dog and Jasper is Jill's, but Jasper is much more mellow than Tyler.  In an effort to still stay productive I'll more than likely bring Jasper.

You should see the waiver we have to sign for "Dog day" it's hilarious!  I think there's an accidental dismemberment clause included!  Haha!  I'll have to remember to bring lots of treats with me.

2) I'm going to brave the roach coach today.  I've got some last minute studying to do for school this evening so instead of running out for lunch I'll let lunch come to me!

I think everything they have is fried...  blech...

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