Sweaty in Concert this Friday 9/30 Campbell


It's concert time again!  Drew and I will be playing another show this Friday in Campbell.  Here are the details:

What:  Drew and Scott in Concert
Where: Orchard Valley Coffee
       349 East Campbell Avenue
       Campbell, CA 95008
When:  Friday, September 30th - 7:15 pm
Cost:  FREE...  but we'd encourage you to buy a cup of coffee

*if you got the email about the show earlier, I'm sorry about the screw up.  I listed the "where" as Moonbeans Coffee.  That was the LAST show.  My bad."

Anyway, if you're interested, come on out!  Last time we played there was a great turn out.  In fact, there was standing room only, but this place is much larger so come yourself or bring some friends, get a cup of coffee and stay a while!

If you want a taste of what we sound like check out:


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Sweaty Unplugged - Recordings

On July 1st I played a little acoustic gig with a good friend of mine.  I posted about sweaty unplugged after the gig happened.


Well, I've got some choice tracks from the show to post.  The recording clipped a little bit, but on the whole it's an ok grab of the live show.  Both of the songs  I'm putting up are original tunes by Drew Thomas.  Drew is a really talented guy, he's got a special knack for song writing and singing.  He's also a solid and tasty guitarist!  The following tracks showcase Drew on rhythm guitar and vocals.  I round out the tunes with some lead guitar work.  Check out both of the tunes and then comment!  I'd love to get some feedback on the music.

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Sweaty's song of the week - Chris Clouse - See Me

Download ChrisClouse_SeeMe.mp3

In about 2000 I was spending the day in San Francisco.  I walked by the door of Steelhead Brewery near Ghiradelli Square (I think so anyway) and heard someone covering Dave Matthews really well.  The guy playing was Chris Clouse.  Chris is a very talented singer/songwriter/performer.  Anyway, I spent the next two or so hours at the Brewery having dinner and enjoying Chris' music and excellent covers.  I ended up purchasing a cd from him that night.  I also got a chance to talk with him for about 30 or so minutes.

Since then I've seen Chris perform 5 or 6 times at venues all over the bay area and I've purchased a couple more copies of his first cd and one copy of his latest album.  The new album, Trace Elements is available on his web site.  His first album is available here.  Chris really is a great performer.  I'd say the last show I saw of his is on my top 3 all time greatest shows list.

This week's featured song, See Me, is a new arrangement of the tune than I originally heard, but I like it a lot!  This version is also a live cut (I think from a radio station).

Chris is now in a band called American Radio.  I'm actually pretty disappointed in what I've heard from this band...  Chris is doing back up guitar and back up vocals to guys that he is WAY better than.  Personally, I hope he continues on with solo ventures, but I understand he's a working musician and needs to pay the bills.

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Concert Report

This will be the official concert report post.  On Friday July 1st Scott/Sweaty (me) and Drew played an intimate show in South San Jose at Moonbeans Coffee.  I'm pleased to say there was standing room only (although, that's not really saying much, the place is tiny) and folks really seemed to enjoy the show.

We played a total of 86 minutes worth of tunes.  I'm working on cleaning up the audio in my spare time, so I'm sure I won't be posting it until the end of the week or so.  Stay tuned.

I'm waiting for an email with digital pictures too, but in the mean time Jill snapped this with her phone.


In all we had a great time, we both felt the entire show was rather solid.  I think the second set was better than the first, but that's just one man's opinion.

If you came out to the show, thank you!  If you didn't, don't worry...  we'll be playing again soon.  :-)

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Gimpel blogs a bit about Sweaty Unplugged

Link: � Blog Archive � Chillin at Moonbeans.

Gimpel is a great guy.  Drew and I really appreciated you coming out in support of us.  Thanks bro!  We were also really encouraged by the outpouring of support from folks at church and our personal lives at large.  We had an awesome time playing!  We have audio from the show, but I'm not sure it's good enough to post.  We'll see what I can do with it.  I will have pictures on Mon/Tues.

A couple plugs here:

If you like to think and you like intelligent humor read Gimpel's blog.  This man is a rare breed, trust me.

Now, as I said, my bro Drew and I played a gig last night at Moonbeans in South San Jose.  If you're local (San Jose-ish) drop in and grab a cup or two from them, their coffee is GREAT!  The atmosphere is welcoming and they have free wi-fi!  Check it out!

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Sweaty in concert Friday July 1

Hey all, this is just a shameful plug for me.  My buddy Drew and  I are playing an all acoustic show on Friday July 1st at Moonbeans Coffee in San Jose.  We go on at 6:30pm and we'll be playing until 8 or so.  If you miss it *shrug* we'll miss you, BUT...  I'll have an MP3 to post sometime next week.  I'm recording the whole thing.  If you're in the bay area stop by, you won't be disappointed.  Not because of me, but Drew is a phenomenal songwriter and singer.  I'm just eye candy.  :-)  You can check out a rough recording of my last acoustic show here. (40mb)


6221 Santa Teresa Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95119
(408) 281-8128

Map and directions

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Sweaty blog - Fred Wilson - Tags

Fred Wilson talks about music I sent his way and Sweaty Blog.  How did this come about?  Read about it here.

It's so cool that I was able to share music with someone I don't even know.

There are a number of insightful comments on Weezer's music as a result of Fred's recent post about Sweaty Blog

Related links: 

Fred Wilson's Favorite Podcast
Sweaty del.icio.us feed
Jimmy Eat World - Kill
Weezer - Perfect Situation

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Sweaty's song of the week - Jimmy Eat World - Futures - Kill

Ok world, this is the first official "Sweaty's Song of the Week" series.  This week we're going to listen to "Kill" by Jimmy Eat World.

I haven't been a fan of these guys until recently.  My bro Jack pointed me to them a while ago and what can I say?  The catchy pop-punk-rock sound has pulled me in.  I dig this song, it feels like raw emotion to me.

Jimmy Eat World - Futures - Track - 04 - Kill.mp3 (3578.1K)

Well, you're just across the street
Looks a mile to my feet
I wanna go to you
Funny how I'm nervous still
I've always been the easy kill
I guess I always will

Could it be that everything goes 'round by chance? (chance?)
Or only one way that it was always meant to be (be)
You kill me, you always know the perfect thing to say (hey hey,
hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can't walk away

I can picture your face well
From the bar in my hotel
I wish I'd go to you
I pick up put down the phone
Like your favorite Heatmeiser song goes
It's just like being alone

Oh God, please don't tell me this has been in vain (vain)
I need answers for what all the waiting after means (means)
You kill me, you've got some nerve, but can't face your mistakes
(hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can't turn away

So go on love
Leave while there's still hope for escape
Gotta take what you can these days
There's so much ahead
So much regret
I know what you want to say
(Know what you want to say)
I know people can't help feeling differently
I loved you, and I should have said it
Tell me just what has it ever meant?

I can't help it baby, this is who I am (am)
Sorry, but I can't just go turn off how I feel (feel)
You kill me, you build me up, but just to watch me break (hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can't walk away

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just hit repeat

Everyone knows someone who constantly has the same music on.  Each time you step into their house or their car you hear the same album.  I know a guy that listened to nothing but the POLICE box set for about 18 months.  That drove me nuts.

I am the type of person that will listen to the same album over and over until I learn every nuance the recording.  Usually 7 - 10 days.  Right now I have two albums that I'm freaking out over.

Coldplay - X&Y This is a GREAT album!  Jill and I have spent a great amount of time discussing the goods and bads of this disc.  My favorite track on the album by far is track 4 - fix you.  I love the dynamic swells of this song!  It's swelling keys, simple guitar and nice melodies until about 2:30.  Then starts a hypnotic blitz of single note lead lines (typical Coldplay).  The drums kick into a great hip hopish beat preparing for an amazing vocal crescendo that ultimately drops off to piano and vocals.  NICE!  Of other notable mention are track 1 - Square One, track 5 - Talk, track 7 - Speed of Sound, and Jill's favorite two tracks track 3 - White Shadows and track 12 - Twisted Logic.

Like Coldplay's two other studio efforts this album is great from start to finish.  I can honestly say I like every song on the disc.  I feel as if the songs may be a tad watered down compared to their previous efforts, but we'll see...  I'm going to see them in August.  The album has a lot of texture in the way of keyboard/synth on most songs.  Not my taste, but it seems to be a prevalent feature across the entire album.

Weezer - Make Believe WOW!  This disc really caught me off guard!  Not because I don't like Weezer... because I love Weezer!  I just haven't been too hip on anything since the blue album.  Make Believe follows Weezer's usual trend of fun pop rock.  The tunes are really catchy and just plain FUN!  The disc starts off with Beverly Hills a tantalizingly addictive tune with a lagging back beat that just pulls you right in.  I can't decide which track is my favorite yet...  right now it's between track 2 - Perfect Situation, track 3 - This is Such a Pity, and track 6 - We are all on Drugs.

The guitar work on this disc is really fun to listen to.  There are a lot of cool melodic lines over top of chunky driving rhythm parts.  The array of different distortions that are used add different enjoyable textures as well.  Two big thumbs up on this one here.  Great summer music!

Check out Perfect Situation.mp3 (3990.7K)

That's all for now, but I've just recently purchased the new NIN, 3DD and Audioslave.

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