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TypePad and RSS feeds

Today  I came across TagCloud, a folksonomy tool.  I think it'd be fun to put a small tag cloud on my blog that dynamically aggregates all keywords and tags from the entire history of my blog and displays the top 10 or so most popular keywords/tags.  Now, TagCloud should do that for me, all I have to do is point an rss feed at TagCloud and change the template of my blog, the problem is, the feed my blog syndicates is not the etire archive of my blog.  If I can't have a TagCloud representation of the entire SweatyBlog, I don't want one at all.

So, who can tell me how to create a new rss feed of the entire history of my TypePad blog?  Any and all help is much appreciated!  Thanks.

update:  it's ALMOST working...  sweatyblog.com

July 13, 2005 in blogs | Permalink


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