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Sweaty on Virtual Earth

MSN Virtual Earth as we all know is Microsoft's answer to google maps.  I'll admint that MS has done some good things, but for my use I'll stick with Google on this one.

Virtual Earth Pros:  Cookies!  Virtual earth cookied me and remembered what I was looking at last time I visited!  Very cool.

To my eye Virtual Earth has some more deatiled/closer pics than Google has.

Virtual Earth Cons:  UI...  YUCK!  Microsoft has NOT figured out what makes for a clean and useful UI.

What's up with the black and white low res pictures?  This link shows the neighborhood where I grew up.  It's in San Jose...  not Mojave.   I'd expect decent coverage for a part of SILICON VALLEY!

Conclusion:  Google maps just seems a little easier to use, faster and cleaner.  Maybe if I decide I need a change of scenery I'll visit Virtual Earth again, but it's not likely.  Personally, I'm a big Yahoo fan.  I'd LOVE to see Yahoo take the best of the two current offerings and release a Google Maps killer!

Update:  Scoble talks about Virtual Earth deleting Apple headquarters...  in otherwords, MS's sattelite images are old and sucky.

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