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Hands off my cookies

Fred Wilson talks about cookies

Fred says he likes that sites keep his login information and that Amazon can recommend new music to him...  all because of cookies.

I'll have to agree with Fred here.  Why?  Example: I bank at WellsFargo, great bank but their bill pay is a bit pricey and honestly it sucks...  Each month I visit web sites for Utilities, Cable, Phone, Internet, Insurance,and Car Payment.  I just did this on Wednesday night, it took about 15 minutes.  I don't mind doing this every 30 days, FOR FREE.  I DO mind doing this if my cookies are deleted for some reason...  The time needed more than doubles because my login isn't the same for each site.

Everyday I log into TypePad, Google Adsense, Yahoo Mail, Netflix, Blogines and other sites.  I LIKE that I don't have to type in login information every time I visit.  I do the same thing for several internal tools at the office.

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