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Google adsense and Kanoodle

On July 6th I decided to jump into the fray and play with Google adSense.  Just about every blog I visit has Google adsense links so I figured why not.  The same day I noticed that TypePad was now offering text ads by Kanoodle.  In my infinite wisdom I thought "Hey, a comparison is in order!"  So, over the next few weeks I'll be posting usage statistics from TypePad, Kanoodle ads, and Google adsense.

Current Typepad stats:

Total number of page views: 502
Average per day: 10.91
Today: 30
In the last hour: 9
This week: 121

Current Kanoodle ad stats:
Clicks: 1
Impressions: 41
Total Earnings: $ 0.32

Current Google Adsense stats:
Clicks: 3
Impressions: 161
Total Earnings: $0.00


As you can see, I'm raking in the dough AND I'm creating quite a stir in the blogosphere.  All sarcasm aside...  Kanoodle is outperforming Adsense.  Since May 27th I've made ZERO dollars with google and since July 1 I've made 32 cents with Kanoodle/TypePad.  This of course is with the exact same blog/traffic/etc.

I also feel I should mention that I think the Kanoodle ads are more visually appealing than the google ads.  Perhaps I should get adbrite into the mix and have some real fun...  although, I'm sure I'm already breaking some sort of terms of use that I hastily agreed to.  *shrug* Onward and upward for the good of the world!

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pretty eye-opening...ahh...the joys of blogging...

Posted by: Michael Parekh | Jul 13, 2005 10:45:30 AM

what's interesting is that Google Adsense, with three times the clicks, and four times the impressions, is making you a lot more dough(relatively speaking, of course)...

Posted by: Michael Parekh | Jul 13, 2005 10:47:22 AM

Thank you for the comparison.

We used Adsense before, according to Google's report, there were many clicks from our site, but we got very few earning, We don't know how Google share the money with us.
Now we're considering to use Kanoodle.


Posted by: Sam | Aug 12, 2005 9:54:24 PM

I landed here looking for a comparison of Google's and Kanoodle's ad programs, and it appears that Kanoodle is clearly the way to go. I mean, you made INFINITELY more money with them!

Posted by: Dan Bruno | Nov 7, 2005 4:50:52 PM

I seem to think like you think... I wondered what was better and you actually are even making several hundred percent more than I am :-)...All in fun but then it starts to become like growing a plant,,,I am hooked now and trying to find the different ways to bring in more visitors... Have fun and keep blogging...

Posted by: Crystal Clear | Jul 20, 2006 12:48:18 PM

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