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Dan Hollings owner of Blog-Zilla paid me a visit

Dan Hollings owner and manager of Blog-zilla commented on a previous post here at Sweatyblog.  Dan says: 

"I only want readers to know, Blog-zilla wears a white hat :-) Spammers, cheats and bottom feeders are NOT welcomed at Blog-zilla.com"

I'm more than willing to give Dan and Blog-zilla some slack...  but I would love to see the fruits of Blog-zilla first hand.  I asked Dan for just that, some urls of blogs that have been created by Blog-zilla.

If you or someone you know USES Blog-zilla, pipe up!  Let me know, I'd love to pick your brain.  An evil-free testimonial to the wonders of Blog-zilla would go a long way to legitimize Dan's application.

Link: sweaty blog: More on blog plagiarism.

I noticed that software owned and managed by me (Blog-zilla) was mentioned on your blog ( sweatyblog.com ). I'll take the opportunity to clear up some erroneous statements based on rumors and misinformation.

I appreciate your interest and concern over Blog-zilla, however, I might recommend anyone interested, review the description of Blog-zilla again (http://blog-zilla.com) and note the ANTI-SPAM notice "Spammers Beware" clearly published on the site.

In addition, please review our strict ANTI-DUPLICATION, ANTI-SCRAPE, ANTI-CONTENT STEALING policy. Blog-zilla is NOT a spam or thieving tool. Blog-zilla has ZERO cabability to "harvesting content from various sites"... that is absolutely the OPOSITE of Blog-zilla's phylosopy (and capability). Blog-zilla also can NOT be used to create wastelands of blog-farms. Blog-zilla can add an RSS feed to original content to enhance that content, but Blog-zill users can NOT post RSS only as a substitute for original content. There are systems out there that do all this "evil" stuff. Blog-zilla is not one of them.

Perhaps some people are jumping to incorrect conclusions without thoroughly understanding or perhaps some erroneous rumors are being posted here and there. No problem, I'll try to clear up all misconceptions here...

All Blog-zilla users go through a qualification survey to eliminate potential spammers. Blog-zilla takes only original content and personalizes that original content for target audiences. Much like a quality email management system personalizes each email to its targeted reader. Blog-zilla hates spammers. All users are also taught how to use the system for honest high quality content purposes. System abusers will be terminated if discovered abusing Blogizilla's capabilities. For those wondering how I know this, I'm Dan Hollings the creator and owner http://danhollings.com

I invite anyone interested in Blog-zilla's policy and philosophy to read the Blog-zilla license agreement and rules.


Every user is screened, spammers are eliminated, and Blog-zilla users are taught proper blogging concepts. Original and authorized content only.

A few highlights of the Blog-zilla user policy:

*** You may not use Blog-zilla in any manner which jeopardizes it's functionality or reflects negatively upon it's reputation as a legitimate multi-blogging tool for ORIGINAL or AUTHORIZED content. If someone else holds the content copyright, do not use Blog-zilla to post or manipulate that content without permission.

*** Blog-zilla is not a content scraper, content duplicator, or content stealing system. If any attempt to use Blog-zilla as such is detected, you're history.

*** Blog-zilla may be used in conjunction with contextual ads (like Adsense), paid ads, banners, affiliate programs and other e-commerce endeavors, but only if you follow strictly the policies of the ad or affiliate provider.

*** Blog-zilla can be used to post RSS feeds to multiple blogs, but if you are not also posting other quality content, your account can be terminated.

If you would like to look at the quality of content Blog-zilla is capable of posting, go to:

100 Blogs by Blog-zilla Multi-blogger Dan Hollings
These are quality articles written to sincerely help their target audience:

TagCloud of 100 Blogs
Here we have a TagCloud summary of all 100 Blogs:

More additional about Blog-zilla:

Blog-zilla in the news:

Blog-zilla has a long waiting list currently and screening of subscribers has started. Screen consists of an indepth survey on what the potential subscriber plans to use Blog-zilla for and where their content is from. Next, if accepted, each subscriber goes into a trial period (cost is $1) and while users evaluate Blog-zilla, Blog-zilla evaluates the subscriber by monitoring their posts and observing their participation in weekly conference call training classes. The classes are key so as to teach people how to use Blog-zilla constructively and how be "good internet citizens" that is, how to give true value and quality targeted content to your audience.

Sorry for such a long post. I only want readers to know, Blog-zilla wears a white hat :-) Spammers, cheats and bottom feeders are NOT welcomed at Blog-zilla.com


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Update: Dan replied to my request for examples. Thanks Dan.

"No problem:

I run 100 blogs helping people with many different companies and
sites on implementing Internet Marketing Strategies.

About 80 or so of my target audiences are network marketing companies
(I consult for many companies in this industry). The other 20 are
more generic or just direct sales.

My challenge was writing tips for ONE company turned potential
readers from another company off (Quixtar reps won't read tips
written for Nikken reps, etc). And, for example, the reps at Mary
Kay or Avon would not read a 'generic' blog on "Marketing Tips for
Network Marketing" because they think they are not network
marketers. Go figure :-) Sometimes it boils down to semantics.

At the same time, to flood duplicate content across 100 blogs is
frowned upon by the various search engines and causes bad ranking in
some cases. And besides, it's kinda dumb.

With all this in mind, Blog-zilla came to the rescue. I can now help
many more people and in-turn I can broaden my consulting business by
personalizing and targeting my blog content to each niche audience.
It was a solution to my own challenges that I recently decided could
help others.

But, spammers, cheats and plagiarists can forget Blog-zilla. I have
no patience for such garbage.

100 blogs:

In recent tests of the content (one blog against another) the range
of common content is between 40% to 60%. Rather impressive, but it
takes some real work to achieve this. Blog-zilla is a powerful tool,
but it still requires hard work. I plan weekly trainings to help
teach others how to use Blog-zilla responsibly and effectively.


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