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Robert Scoble is making me love Microsoft

Scoble writes an open letter to the user base of Microsoft products, period.  He's saying that he wants to hear from us, the end users of MS products.  A snippet,

"We need a new kind of conversation to make sure these teams not only do what's right, but do what's best for you as a customer and someone who uses this stuff."

If Scoble is an accurate representation of the leadership over at Microsoft, and if the masses decide to participate in a dialogue with MS, we're going to be seeing a bright future of consumer inspired products from MS.

Personally, I'm willing to spend a few moments of my time every now and again to do my part in raising the corporate eyebrow (so to speak) at Microsoft.  My input should directly effect me in the (immediate and distant) future.  Not a bad deal...

Here's another of my favorite Scoble posts: Scoble fires back, flaunts MS innovation

Oh and I just ate yogurt with a fork.

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