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RFID: Tagged, You're It!

Link: Opinion Column by PC Magazine: RFID: Tagged, You're It!.
John Dvorak over at PC World wrote an article on the perceived benefits of RFID technology for the populace.  I thought he was just waxing hostile until I read this:

"...there was a brouhaha over the use of similar RFID tracking devices in a Sutter County, California, school district. A news item in the San Francisco Chronicle had this telling report: 

"Tatro said when her 13-year-old daughter came home from the first day of school in January, when the students began wearing the tags, she had waved the tag in her fist and said, 'Look at this. I'm a grocery item. I'm a piece of meat. I'm an orange.'"

Their daughter was threatened with disciplinary action if she did not participate in the program, according to a letter sent by the district.

Although the board said nothing in response to parental complaints, several attendees defended the system, saying it would keep kids in school, free up more time for teachers to teach, and increase security for pupils and teachers."

I don't have kids, but when I do I can tell you that I will not condone tagging my child like a dog.

I know there are many great uses for RFID...  many that I'll support.  But, I'm not into barcoding people.  No thanks.



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