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Mickael Parekh - Now that's a blog!

Michael Parekh writes one of my new favorite blogs.  I've stumbled on his blog several times while researching cell phone reviews at technorati.  This guy knows A TON.  If you're even remotely interested in Internet Technology or gadgets check him out.

Link: *michael parekh on IT*: ON BLOGLINES FINALLY FASTER?.

As a new user to bloglines I'll have to agree that I've found the service to be slow often times.  I can resonate with Michael's gripe about update speed.  I have seen a small speed increase myself, but I assumed the speed increase was more to do with my proxy server than bloglines enhancements.

My biggest gripe has been the time that an auto-refresh takes while using my bloglines aggregator.  It seems that the site is pinging my xml feeds or something, but when that update happens my browser becomes unusable for 5 - 10 seconds.  A minor annoyance that feeds upon itself to really get my goat.

Is there a Wintel app available or planned for bloglines?  I'd be interested in something like that.  And while I'm at it, does TypePad have a desktop app for updating your blog?  I know livejournal (now owned by TypePad) had several open source update apps, but that was sometime ago.

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