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Fujitsu, Sun Team on SPARC Processors

Fujitsu, Sun Team on SPARC Processors

Niagara chips will hold eight cores on each piece of silicon, and each core will be able to process four instruction threads simultaneously. The systems with the chips could start appearing by late this year or early next year.

Eight cores? Wow.

Now McNealy and the rest of the crew at Sun have to chuck Solaris and stick with what they're good at. Hardware.

Nevermind. SUN is going to have some assistance with that transition! Hah.

As applications still remained a key driver, which was evidenced in interviews with 23 of the top Wall Street companies last year, where Big Blue identified a total of 24 ISVs and 58 applications most critical to target for Solaris to Linux porting, IBM convinced all but two to port their applications to Linux.

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