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Why Sweaty why?

Today I decided to start another blog.  I've had several different blogs/journals over the years, but none that struck at the crux of my passions.  This blog will be dedicated to my sole  passions: technology, music, and faith.

The reality of my life is such that I spend 10+ hours a day in front of a computer.  During that time I often have thoughts of my own or commentary (not always intelligent) that relates to my life passions.  A blog is an efficient way for me to oraganize my thoughts at will and from anywhere in the world.  I chose the typepad/blogs community because I believe they have a lot of excellent features in their blogging app that others don't.  I love the trackback feature especially.  Additionally, the ability to categorize posts really seems handy.  And finally, I've found a number of blogs that really resonate with my personal interests and passions in this community.

Oh...  and all posts on Sweatyblog are by me, Scott Ramsey (Sweaty) and are opinions/views belonging to me and only me.  I do not speak for any organization as an employee or otherwise.

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